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About Up n' Down
Rock and Bourbon

Founded by CT native and hospitality master, Justin Morales. Justin made his bones behind the bar and has since become an award winning mixologist and flavor blender. Compiling every up n' down from life, Justin has created a local product to be proud of. Savory, angelic, devilish and most of all, delicious.


In 2017, Morales started blending his fig and birch old fashioned in a wooden bourbon barrel at one of the nine bars he's opened. The drink was such a hit that it was nearly impossible to keep up with production. Opening his latest bar in 2018, Morales decided that this barrel aged cocktail MUST go on the cocktail menu, calling it “The Colonel’s Old Fashioned.” The Colonel’s Old Fashioned quickly became the signature cocktail of Morales’ establishment, still to this day being one of the top selling cocktails.


During the COVID-19 pandemic, the Governor of CT opened up to-go liquor sales for restaurants since bars were closed and it was take out dining only. With this new regulation and the holidays quickly approaching, Morales decided to start bottling the fig and birch old fashioned to try and muster more sales to keep the restaurant afloat. Returning guests who were fan favorites of the barrel aged cocktail quickly made sure to get their hands on the bottles, for themselves and for holiday gifts for friends and family. Considering the popularity, the fact that the restaurant only had one barrel and that the aging process took two weeks to make, Justin needed to mark up the price to keep the value of time. The Colonel's Old Fashioned to-go bottles became so popular that a wait list needed to be made and keeping up with demand was a challenge!


Morales knew there had to be a better way to make a bigger batch. By teaming up with Central CT Distillers, he found the solution. Coming up with a large batch recipe, sourcing some fantastic high rye bourbon, and obtaining top notch real ingredients - a well-balanced, delicious product was designed!

As the TTB doesn't have a denomination for “old fashioneds,” Justin had to do some research since this product was more than just a flavored whiskey. After some experimenting, he found it! Eureka! It had the exact qualifications of a “rock and bourbon” - so he submitted his formula and label and crossed his fingers. Coming back approved, Up n’ Down Rock and Bourbon was officially born. It is currently being sold over the entire state of CT, thriving both on and off premise, with high interest in expansion in surrounding states! 


“Balance is as important to a cocktail as it is to a Hitori Hanzo Sword.” -JM


Driven by Hospitality

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